Monday, April 29, 2013

Suddenly Exercise

I'm trying to get myself on an exercising schedule. Once it becomes a habit it's pretty easy to maintain. You feel like you're forgetting to do something if you skip a workout. Actually setting up that habit is an entirely different case!

I did pretty good on the exercise front last week. But I tend to overdo it getting started. Guess what. You can't catch up on all of the missed exercise sessions in one day!! Yet, there I was.

My goal is to walk or bike at least 5 days per week and throw in some strength training twice a week. Maybe do some interval training once a week.

So all is going well. I'm walking and enjoying my time outdoors listening to music. You gotta have music! Tuesday was my scheduled strength training day. No problem. I'm going to start out slow because I don't want to be too what I should have done. But nooooo.......

Tuesday morning I do my strength training reps but need something to work as a pull up bar for some of the exercises. So I do what I can at home then take off for a mile walk to the playground to use that as my gym.
 Wow, pull ups are difficult! I've never done one but I'm trying to get strong enough to eventually accomplish that little feat. And playgrounds make a pretty good gym!

Ok. All done. Little sweaty from the walk and exertion.
 I'm feeling pretty good so may as well mow the grass. It needs it pretty bad.
Starting the mower turns out to be its own workout. And apparently the power assist isn't working and the left tire is leaning in. All making for a pretty tough workout.

Then the back yard grass has gotten out of hand so it creates another good workout. The mower dies a couple of times so I have to struggle with starting it again. Yeah, work that core! Finally realize it's out of gas. Did you know a mower will not start when it's out of gas no matter how many times you pull on that darn string? True.

I'm mowing and sweating. Even go inside once to help Charlie with his math. That's right...I do it all. Then the mower dies again! I figured it got bogged down in tall grass so I keep fighting to restart it. Nope, out of gas. Again.

By this time I had been outside for hours and sweat was in my eyes and I'm covered in grass clippings. My legs were a little shaky.

So the best way to get back in to an exercise habit is not to try to do everything in one day. Did you know that? I do now!

I had trouble walking for a few days. Actually I had trouble even getting out of bed without groaning in pain.

Lesson learned: take it slow! But keep it steady.

In case you are interested, Mark Sisson at Mark's Daily Apple has a free exercising schedule and recommendations called Primal Blueprint Fitness. I'm following it and hoping to see the great results he has.

Now that I'm able to walk again, it's time to get right back on schedule. But no more trying to do it all in one day!


  1. My favorite line of the day "I'm mowing and sweating. Even go inside once to help Charlie with his math. That's right...I do it all."

    Good luck with those pull-ups.

  2. We have a riding mower, so no core workout for that, but I have the honor of emptying the bags of grass and tossing them in the woods while my husband stays seated!

    Thanks for the link to that fitness site - I'll definitely check it out. :D

  3. Yay for pacing yourself Kelly! Hope today has been a good Monday for you!

  4. I exercise about 5 times a week, but anytime I do something different, my body acts like I never use my muscles at all - what's up with that?! I can only imagine if I ever tried to mow the grass...I'd probably end up crippled, lol!

  5. You are doing so well. Lost the majority of your weight already. Keep it up. ps u look fab x


  6. Hi! here. I found your blog really awesome. I will keep on visiting your site and be updated with your latest post. Have a great day!!

  7. I can totally relate!!! I have my fitness "habit" pretty ingrained after 7 years of doing it. But I definitely know how hard it is to get back on track after taking a break. It's easy to make excuses...


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