Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Doctor Visit

I was way overdue for my doctor visit but I continued to put it off. I can't stand going to the gynecologist! It's not that he does anything wrong. He's a super nice guy and funny and does his best to put his patients at ease. But I feel weird paying a guy to look at me there. He never even offers to buy me a drink first.

August 2012 I received test results while I was on my way to Dallas. I had abnormal cells and they needed to retest in three months. Fast forward to April and I still hadn't gone back. I'm not sure why. Maybe I was afraid something would be wrong and if I didn't know about it then it couldn't hurt me? Who knows?!

So I went to see Dr. Wheeler last Wednesday. He looked concerned when he sat down. He said he was not happy with my weight and asked when I was going to let him treat me.

You see last time I saw him I decided to stop taking all my meds and try to control this insulin resistance, PCOS and thyroid issues with diet and exercise. Just to see if I could do it because I had such a terrible reaction to the metformin. We're talking chest pains. Bad stuff. I told him in August that if I couldn't do it my way then I would give his way a fair shot.

Well, when a doctor says you're in the top 5% of worst cases he has ever had in his practice and he is very concerned, you listen. And when he promises you that he can help with all of your problems and reverse your metabolism to what it was 20 years ago and help you lose weight, you listen.

Long story short: I'm on two thyroid meds (Levothyroxine and Liothyronine) and a new form of metformin called Glumetza that is supposed to be tolerated easier. The Glumetza is taken with my evening meal and the two thyroid meds are taken on an empty stomach early in the morning.

Last night I took my Glumetza for the first time. Since I had such a terrible time with metformin, I was concerned about what would happen with this medication. The only problems I've had so far was waking up early this morning with nausea and a headache and mental fog. I cant hardly think straight. But maybe I'm still just recovering from the weekend.

I'm hoping that this will really work like the good doctor says it will. I'm sick of gaining weight so easily. I'm sick of the issues that come along with PCOS and low thyroid. Although I'm not a fan of medicating a problem, I'm just so ready to be "normal" that I'll give it a try.

Right now I am only taking a sample of Glumetza because my insurance may/may not pay for it. Before I tackled that the doctor wanted to see how I would tolerate the meds. So far so good but it's only been one dosage. If I start developing chest pains I will cease taking it immediately and will probably be sent to the cardiologist again. We want to avoid that, yes?

I was on a mini vacation over the weekend. I wanted the kids to see some historical places so we visited a couple of Indian ceremonial mounds, Vicksburg battlefield and other place (more about that in a future post).

While standing in the cold wind near the old courthouse in Vicksburg, I see I have a voice mail. I check and it's the doctor's office with my newest test results. They ask me to call the office. Oh boy. Last time I got a call I was also on a weekend trip but the news was not good. Why didn't they just tell me on the voice mail that everything was ok? If I need to call the office then everything must NOT be ok! Oh no.

With shaking hands I dial the office. My family is already inside the courthouse museum looking around. They have no idea what's going on outside. I call the office and I get the receptionist who seems to recognize my name and puts me right through. Oh no. This really can't be good! I'm put on hold and get the nurse who tells me..........everything is normal. No more abnormal cells!! But I will need to come back every 6 months for 2 years just as a precaution.

BIG sigh of relief. When I go inside the courthouse my hands and knees were still shaking a little. I'm so glad to get that piece of good news.

So that's about it right now. I go Friday to get bloodwork done and several tests will be run. I'm taking my meds and hoping for a little miracle with those. I feel a bit like a failure for not being able to do it on my own but at this point I just want it to work!

I have a ton of pics from the vacation to share but I'll try to narrow it down to a half ton. ;)

Hope you're having a great week so far. Hopefully I'll be out of this mental fog next time I post and will have no side effects from the meds.


  1. Hi Kelly. So glad the results were normal, and wishing you no side effects on the new meds. Take care!!!

  2. Hey there! Fingers crossed all goes well with the new medicines. Don't feel bad - you have tried so hard and educated yourself so much on everything that you can. It's ok to give these medicines a whirl and who knows? they could be just the ticket that gives you that sense of normalcy again. Looking forward to all the pics! Vicksburg as in Vicksburg Mississippi I think??? Not too far from me. Always wanted to go there - never have. And I'm a history nut. I should be ashamed of myself for not checking out all the civil war history there. Really glad you are ok. Hang in there! :D

  3. I really hope the medication agrees with you and you feel better! I agree, it's never fun to go to the doctor...I REALLY hate the dentist :)


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