Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Craziest Day Ever: Prom 2013

Ever have one of those days where so many weird things happen that you think maybe it would be better to just stay home because something terrible might happen? One thing after another! And after a while it becomes comical. That was Thursday for me. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, water or vodka and have a seat.

It had already been a busy week of getting Rachel ready for her senior prom. Lots of shopping and emails and stuff like that. I was making appointments for makeup and hair. Our hair stylist had jury duty so I sent her a text and said I needed her badly on Thursday morning so she got me in at 9am.

I have a schedule in my mind for Thursday. Everything is meticulously planned. Nothing could go wrong....you would think.

The big day arrives and we leave the house around 8:20am to get her hair put up. I get a text on the way that my friend is running 15 minutes late to the salon. No problem. I'll stop at Sonic and get some breakfast for Rachel and I. As soon as I place my order I get a text saying that my friend made it on time after all and is waiting for us. Doh!

So we get our food and I "try" to start the car. Nothing! I panic. WTH?! Why today? No, no, no, no, no. This isn't happening. Fortunately for me, Chuck had a meeting cancelled so he worked from home that day otherwise he wouldn't have answered my text and I would have had to go to Plan B. Crying. Ha, I'm joking sort of. But it would have been difficult.

Chuck comes with his tool kit, I take the other car, drop Rachel off at the salon, go back to Sonic (there's something classy about working on your car at Sonic while they all watch inside and the people eating get dinner and a show), I stay with the car and Chuck goes to the auto store and gets a battery, come back and changes the battery and everything is good as new. Whew!

Rush back to get Rachel from the salon and off to pick up her date's boutonniere. It's ready and looks great! Then to pick up Chuck's prescription at the pharmacy. I go through the drive thru, put my money in the tray and just then a gust of wind comes and blows it away. $10! So I open my door just enough to squeeze out and chase after the money in the parking lot. Done! Mission accomplished.

I also need to mention that on this particular day people are driving crazy and there are several near misses. What is wrong with everyone this day?! Rachel and I are joking how it's an omen and we should stay home.

Get home and feed everyone. I don't eat because sometimes the meds still make me a little nauseous. Get Charlie together and his bag and head over to my mother-in-law's so he can spend the night and go to his piano lesson later that day. I'm on a tight schedule and everything needs to go as planned!

On the way we see a little dog running around at an intersection lost. He's going to get killed. I tell Rachel to open the door and the dog jumps in and is so happy to be rescued. What a cutie! But this is not on the itinerary! The dog lays his head on Rachel's lap and is so excited and grateful. Drop Charlie off at in-laws' then head back to the intersection where I found the dog. He has a collar but no tags. I can't keep him! I don't want any more animals.

Rachel thinks she saw him come from a certain direction towards the intersection earlier so we drive that way looking for a house where we can leave him. At least so he won't get hit and maybe he'll recognize his home. That's the idea anyway. I stop, Rachel opens her door and the dog jumps out. We leave and I look in my rearview mirror: he's running after us doing his best to try to catch up with us. Rachel and I both are feeling terrible! It's just so sad. About that time Rachel yells, "You just ran over a snake!" Oh, no! I saw something in the road but I thought it was a piece of tire tread so I straddled it. I didn't hit it.

I turn the car around and head back to the snake to help it get off the road. Unfortunately, it had already been injured earlier. Ugh, I felt terrible! Seriously?! The dog and now a snake? And a car battery? In one day? And chasing money around and avoiding accidents all morning?

Since I'm heading the direction from which I came, I'm going to see the dog again. He had found a house where someone was sitting on the front porch and was approaching so I'm hoping it was either his home or someone helped the little guy. I felt so guilty.  Then Charlie calls and wants to know if I kept him and is quite disappointed that I didn't. He was not happy with how I handled everything but what can I do?!

On to Rachel's makeup appointment. I'm pulling in the parking lot and get a text that the music studio is closed so Charlie can't get in to his piano lesson. Shortly afterwards I get a call from the music studio saying they had him marked as absent for this week. No, no, no, no!!! I had called earlier in the week to apologize for missing last week's lesson because I was adjusting to the meds and I was sleepy and slept through his lesson and totally forgot about it. I had a mental fog. We cleared up the misunderstanding but he still wasn't getting a lesson so I had to send my mother-in-law back to her house with Charlie.

The makeup stylist was running about 30 minutes behind. Not good. And I get a text from Rachel's boyfriend saying he would be at our house in 30 minutes. Not good. She wasn't even dressed yet. We're still sitting at the spa! He said it was no trouble and he didn't mind waiting. But they had dinner reservations.

Rush home. Rachel gets dressed quickly and gets her jewelry and shoes on. Her boyfriend shows up so Chuck takes them to the front to take pictures.
 She looked so pretty. I should also mention I ordered her dress a month in advance to have it custom fitted and we got it the week before prom. There was a bit of panic going on in the house.
 While they're taking pictures, I jump in the shower to get ready because Chuck and I will be chaperones. Tick tock, tick tock. Time is running out.

The kids go to a park where they were supposed to meet some friends for pictures but it was decided to change the location so they drove to the new location about 30 minutes away. Got some group pictures with friends done.
 My crazy friend Jane doing a photo bomb. She's hilarious.
 The kids go out to dinner while Chuck and I arrive at the prom location. It's set up beautifully! You can see in the back the DJ table. We were arriving early to help our friend Kyle set up as DJ. The area that's lit to the right is where a buffet is set up for the kids. There was even a lemonade fountain. And even though some of the moms asked if I was going to spike it, I told them I had promised Rachel I would be on my best behavior and would not even dance. But I lie a lot. ;)
 The tables were set so beautifully!
 The grounds had peacocks roaming and this water wall at the entrance. I want one of those! Very pretty.
 Kyle is testing his equipment and everything is going great! Then right before it's time for the kids to arrive, his mixer acts up and his computer bogs down. It's not working! And they'll be there any minute. I turn on the hotspot for my phone so he can get internet service to try to search for a solution to his problem. But cell service is sparse inside this place.

Chuck and I are going back and forth outside to use our cell phones to try to look up a solution. Some of the moms think that I'm going out to the car for a nip on some alcohol. Hahahaha! Noooo. Just trying to get cell service.

Kyle is in a panic. He finally has to resort to plan B once the kids start arriving and runs his system off itunes. It worked but he wasn't happy about the whole thing. I gave him a hug and told him to chill. Known this guy for over 25 years.
 The kids get there, dance for a while, and pause for a group picture.
 Everybody had such a good time!
 There was the Chacha slide, Cupid Shuffle, line dances, Thriller, Harlem Shake and more.
And I may have been talked in to doing the Wobble in a corner with some moms. And they may have ganged up on me to do the ChaCha Slide and Cupid Shuffle. But I did it under protest! Fortunately, Rachel thinks it's funny. And there may be pictures of all of this floating around but fortunately I haven't seen them nor do I want to see them!

At midnight the dance was over and a big group of people wanted to all go out to IHOP for breakfast. Sooo.....after helping Kyle tear down the DJ set up and load, we headed to IHOP with everyone.

By that time I'm really tired and not hungry. But I get a little something. We're all deliriously tired by the time the food comes. And everything becomes funny. Ever been like that? So lots of laughing.

Finally it's time to go home!! We get home at 2:40am and I'm so tired I have trouble falling asleep. Somehow I manage.

It was a crazy day that ended on a good note. Everyone had a blast at prom, Kyle was asked to DJ next year because the kids liked him, and everything worked out.
Little update on meds.....
I'm now taking a Glumetza in the morning and night and doing well! This Saturday night I'll be adding an extra one at night per the doctor's instructions and see how it goes Sunday.

I'm down 3 pounds. It's not much but clothes are fitting a little differently so maybe there are some inches lost too. We'll see. I'm not stressing about it. :)

Hope you are having a great week so far and everything is running smoothly!


  1. Rachel looks gorgeous - all that effort was worth it! Yes, an insanely crazy day, but definitely one you'll remember, right?

  2. I agree with Shelley, Rachel is stunning. Thank you for sharing your prom experience with us. I really enjoyed reading it.

  3. What a day, but Rachel looks beautiful!

  4. WHEW! I'm tired after reading all of that. Rachel, my goodness, Rachel is just beautiful and her dress fit her perfectly and I'm so glad all of you ended up having a wonderful night shared with her like that. Great memories in the making! 3 pounds is amazing! it takes me about 2 months to lose 3 pounds now. And that's with extreme diligence. Good for you, Kelly :D

  5. Oh Kelly, you crack me up. I love reading your posts! Rachel looks beautiful and a lot like you. Glad it all worked out and fun was had by all. Thanks for keeping it real!

  6. Good grief! Was it a full moon? I'm so glad everything worked out OK, and your daughter looks stunning! Great news that you're doing well on your meds. Hope it continues to be good!


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