Friday, May 10, 2013

Vicksburg Trip Part 1

Yes, I said part 1. As in there's going to be more so brace yourselves. And yes, I'm making you sit through my vacation photos. Humor me and pretend you're interested and no one gets hurt. Otherwise, I may get psycho on you. Read previous post to understand why. :)

Seriously, I'm doing soooo much better! Feeling better. I think I may be able to tolerate this form of metformin. I have great hopes that this will help out. Time will tell.

Ok, vacation. Last Thursday we left on a little weekend trip to Vicksburg, MS. When Rachel was about a year and a half, we lived there for a year so I wanted her to get to see some of the places she used to visit and also see the historical sights.

First a trip to my mom's house to drop off a dog and a lizard. Because I have a small zoo. Then back on the road! She lives about an hour and a half from my house.

Charlie was excited to cross the Louisiana state line but when we did he was a little disappointed. He said it looked a lot like Texas. I'm not exactly sure what he thought it would look like.

Stop for some Cajun lunch at Hollier's Cajun Kitchen in Sulphur. That's some good eating there! We started with fried alligator.
 And a crawfish pistolette. Ohhhh, I haven't had these in so long. It's a roll stuffed with cheesy goodness then fried. Really. Hang on just a second: let's be totally honest here. This was not a low cal trip.
 Half of this monster shrimp po boy. No way we came close to finishing all this. Charlie ordered chicken fried steak. Really? We live in Texas! Get something Cajun. Oh well.
 Over the years I have developed an allergy to shrimp and lobster. Which is sad because I love them both! I am happy to announce that the past two times I've had shrimp I have not had an allergic reaction! YES!! Happy about that.

After a lunch like that we were all feeling a but lethargic. Plus the weather was drizzly. Passed over the long bridge of the Atchafalaya Basin. Nice and swampy. So many places to canoe out there. I would love to explore it.
 We make it to St Francisville, Louisiana and stop by The Myrtles plantation. This place has been featured in countless magazines and television programs and is supposed to be one of the most haunted places in the world. It's beautiful to me. Wouldn't you love to stay here?! You can! Go to the web site and check it out. I really, really want to do that.
 The grounds are incredible. There's a pond and gazebo. The little white building to the right is the carriage house restaurant.
 Ah, yes. I can see myself sitting on this porch. Sir, please bring me another mint julep.
 I did a little check-in on Facebook and a friend commented that she and her sister-in-law stayed upstairs in the main house. She didn't believe in ghosts in stuff but her sil brought an audio recording. They were taunting the two child ghosts that are supposed to live there and on the audio recording they heard kids talking about how they hide in the attic. It freaked her out so bad that she will never go back. I'm a skeptic about most things but I'd love to go and see. Wouldn't you?!

We took the scenic route starting in Natchez, MS and travelled up Natchez Trace which is a very old pathway that prehistoric animals used to travel and later Indians and later pioneers. It winds all the way from Natches to Tennessee. 444 miles and covering 10000 years of North American history.

Even though it was raining and a cold front was blowing through, we stopped at the US's second largest Native American temple mound called Emerald Mound.
 Charlie was the first to the top, of course.
 Ok, it's higher than it looks. Yeah, we got pretty damp walking around out there but it was very cool. There's Dash waiting to go.
 Back on Natches Trace we go. Cold and drizzly but such a pretty drive.
 We finally make it to the hotel in Vicksburg. Everyone gets a shower because we're all cold and wet. By that time we're tired and no one really wants to go out so I find a place that'll bring pizza to us. and some tequila after a long drive. Then it's time to pass out in a very small bed. I sure did miss my king bed. :)

The next morning is a trip to Waffle House and to the Mississippi visitor center. It's going to be a cold, windy, wet day so I adjust my itinerary accordingly. There was no way we could go to the petrified forest on this trip. There was too much to see and the weather was not cooperating. The Mighty Mississippi River and the two bridges. We used to drive across the old bridge on the right but it's closed now.

Gave the kids some choices of things to do and Rachel begged to go see some more Indian mounds in Louisiana. So off we go to Poverty Point. It's named after a plantation. Apparently the owner had fallen on some hard times.
Poverty Point Mounds are very, very old. We're talking over 3,000 years. They've uncovered many figurines. It looks like they had the same fertility goddess shapes that you see in other ancient cultures. It's fascinating how people all over the world can live in different places but have the same shaped goddess figures. Perhaps they carried the ideas with them when they migrated across the Bering Strait land bridge Beringia. You know, in ancient cultures I have the body of a goddess! :)

 There were several objects found. They even had some hardened clay pieces that still had the finger and palm prints from the people who made them all those years ago. I got a souvenir replica figurine for my little collection.
 For years, the land had been used as fields so many of the circles were plowed until flight was invented and people could finally see that there was a pattern and even a giant bird shaped mound.  The kids are on the top of the bird mound below.
 I know it doesn't look very high but those steps take a toll on the legs. Wow! We got a nice workout. This is looking from the top.
 Time to head back to Vicksburg. This time to the Old Courthouse Museum. It was built in 1858 and has housed such guests as Jefferson Davis, Teddy Roosevelt, Ulysses Grant, Booker T Washington, and William McKinley. This building has seen so much. It survived the bombings during the Civil War and a tornado and floods.
 This sash was worn by Washington and Jefferson Davis at their inaugurations.
 I found it funny that when Vicksburg held a reunion for the soldiers of the Civil War, the old men got in a fight that evening with their canes! I guess some old wounds don't heal too easily.
 Charlie checking out some bullets found on the battlefield. I've found a couple out there before too. Mini balls. And a piece of bone after a rain!
 Ever heard the term biting the bullet? Well, here is a bullet with teeth marks in it. Surgery was a lot different then. Ouch!
 Seriously? Ugh. The temptation. I won't tell if I refrained or not. You'll have to decide.
 So we're in this museum with some priceless artifacts and there's this one section devoted to pioneers and we see a big, fat cat lying in one of the museum pieces! It's an old cradle.
 Loved looking at the clothing. They had some old wedding dressed and these wedding shoes. Hmm....wonder if they would fit.
 And the courtroom. It's upstairs so they would open the windows to let a breeze flow through because southern summers are very hot! And being upstairs is even hotter.
 An original teddy bear that Teddy Roosevelt gave to a child in Vicksburg. It was about an hour north of Vicksburg that Teddy was on a bear hunt and his hunting party came up to a bear that was tied. Teddy refused to shoot it and the whole teddy bear craze started. His gun used on the hunting trip is also on display at the museum.
 Rachel in front of the well house on the courthouse grounds. She's almost 18 now.
 But when she was almost 2, my mom and I took her here and they had reenactors. This picture was taken almost at the same spot.
 They grow up so fast.
After a full day of history, it was time to get cleaned up, grab some dinner, and head back to the hotel. Day 2 had ended.

I'm curious, do you believe in ghosts? Have you had any "experiences?"

Me? I had some very odd things happen at our previous house. Very strange! But I'm still a skeptic at this point.
Wish me luck. Friday morning Rachel and I are both getting blood work done. She's taking a fasting glucose tolerance test and I'm just getting the usual done. I guess you don't really need luck for that. Anyway...that's happening. :)

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Thank you for laying out the entire itinerary for my next little vacation getaway to Vicksburg MS area! :D That is all so cool and exactly the kind of trip I love. Love! As for ghost experiences - hell yes. pardon the language. I didn't and believe it or not I'm still kinda skeptical but I had a very very unsettling experience many years ago at an enormous really odd hotel resort property in French Lick IN of all places. It was unmistakeable and I will never go back there to stay. ever. If you want more details about what happened just let me know. I'll email it. Can't wait for part 2!

  2. What a great trip, can't wait to read the second part. I would love to have a porch like that! I've always wanted one. I'm a bit skeptical too when it comes to ghosts, but then again I hope I am never proven otherwise. Hope your tests go well and glad to hear that you're doing better with the metformin.

  3. yep, weird ghost things have happened..the most dear to me was that my husband and I both saw my recently departed cat run between us in to the kitchen as if it were meal time...very quick and not solid looking but for sure it happened

  4. Your trip looks great! I've never had a pistolette, and now I'm curious!

    I've never, ever had any ghostly experiences. I don't think it's impossible, though. Some pretty sane people are convinced that they've had encounters. I'm thinking the ghosts just don't like me because I'm fat. (Kidding :)

  5. So late to the love the photos. Have a great day Kelly


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