Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I Did It!

It's really just a small victory but I did it! I have adjusted to my meds and am now able to take what the doctor prescribed. 

It happened a little faster than I had anticipated and a little bit by accident. I took two pills one morning instead of just the one. Oops! But I survived. I had a couple of days of not feeling too great but it went away. So now I take two thyroid meds and 4 Glumetza (metformin) per day.

As far as weight loss goes, I have no idea. My clothes aren't fitting any better yet but I haven't been weighing.  As I've been working on adjusting to these meds I haven't been eating as much. Even when I am "starving" it only takes a very small amount to fill me up.

I had been suffering from a lot of dizziness. Most of that has subsided as well. So I'm going to give it another week for full adjustment and then start back to exercising. Yay!!!!! Glad to start feeling "normal" again.

Not too much has been appealing when it comes to food. I haven't been trying to stick to low carb or much of anything. My portions have been rather small most the time so I haven't been fighting it. Now that I'm feeling better I'm going to concentrate more on what I eat.

It was another whirlwind weekend. Friday night we took Rachel and her boyfriend's family out to eat at Tookie's in Seabrook. Her choice. You can't have too many birthday celebrations and they have amazing burgers! 
 The burgers were great but I couldn't even eat a third of mine. Seriously, it doesn't take much anymore. I guess that's a good thing?

We got Rachel a tiramisu cake and sang happy birthday.
 Because you can't have too much cake, she also had a Reese's Cup ice cream cake at home. Don't judge.
 Poor Rachel is still adjusting to her meds so she felt terrible after dinner and we headed home. But we were treated to a beautiful sunset.
 Saturday was a lazy day around the house. It's nice to have those from time to time but by Sunday I needed to get out. We went to a friend's house for a birthday party. Then I started suffering from PMS: Pre-Monday Syndrome. I wasn't ready for the day to be over so I got on Yelp and started looking for some places. The kids didn't want to go so it was just Chuck and I headed to Sam's Boat in Seabrook. 
 They have outdoor seating with great views of the bay.
 We were treated to a pretty sunset by the water....
 ...and some great happy hour specials. Little bit of beer, a crab ball or two, and $1 slider.
 After chilling out on the deck we went to the pier to watch a boat being put away for storage. The forklift picks it up right out of the water!
 That's so cool!!! And I am easily entertained.
 After enjoying views like that, Chuck was trying to find a way to move out to the beach. The sound of the waves and the beautiful views are very relaxing.
 Watched a black capped night heron fish for his dinner.
 Goodbye, weekend. 
 We were treated to another beautiful sunset on the way home. You can barely see downtown Houston in the distance on the right.
 Monday I woke up with the blahs. Weekend went by quickly and I wasn't ready to face the week. Was feeling kind of lonely and just overall not a Happy Texan. So I gave Monday the middle finger and decided to extend the weekend. As soon as Chuck got home I had some stuff packed and we all headed to the beach with the top down on Rachel's car.
 There was kit flying. Well, not really. At the beach you just have to hold on to the string and the kite just does its own thing.
 The kids made sandcastles.
 Looked at tiny shells in the sand and dug up clams.
 I waded into the water and watched the fish around me. Until one bit my toes then I was out of there pretty fast! Chuck walked around looking for shells.
 Charlie swam a lot.
 Having fun? I'd say that's a yes!
 Charlie insisted on taking a picture. Oh and we found a frisbee in the water!
 Charlie found a hermit crab so we watched it for a while before returning it to the water.
 Then it was finally time to get cleaned up and head home. Everyone headed to the car but I thought I should go visit the lady's room before getting on the road. I closed the door and the handle came off! I couldn't get out. I started banging on the door and panicked a little. I got my head about me and fixed the door enough so that I could get out. Little excitement.

We passed by the Pleasure Pier and admired all the pretty lights. I could have just sat on the seawall and watched the lights for a while.
So Monday turned in to another day of the weekend. It was nice and has made the week go by faster.

Tuesday I got to have lunch with a good friend and actually had some appetite back! I was able to keep it low carb and had a Greek salad, chicken kabob, and cucumber salad. Yum yum! By evening I wasn't hungry at all so we just had some roast sandwiches on some lower carb bread. I couldn't finish mine but I'm doing better than I was last week.

As I start to feel better and better, I hope to get in the kitchen more and prepare some really good stuff.Of course there will be pictures. :)

Hope you're having a great week so far!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

My Baby Turns 18!

There has been a lot going on in life lately. Not only has Rachel gotten her license but she had her last prom, graduated and yesterday she turned 18! Wow! That flew by fast. You think when they're little that they will be little for a long time. Nope. One day you wake up and they're all grown up. It's bittersweet, to say the least.

Rachel chose to have lunch at a little Mexican eatery called Casa Ole. It's nothing fancy but they have some good salsa. We picked up Chuck from work so he could enjoy the fun too.

Rachel's gift took up most the table. I got her a tiara and a birthday necklace to wear.
 I put a few different candies in the bag like Pop Rocks and such along with her main gift. We spent a while trying to pick this out but finally decided on this because it sounded so good and this girl loves her music. Dre Beatbox. It's wireless and portable and sounds awesome! She was pretty excited. :)
 Before all that, I had an eye appointment to check out the contacts I got. They're progressive so I'm supposed to be able to see far away and somewhat near. It's taking some adjustment but it's good to see again!
 Chuck gets home from work yesterday and we have a little tequila shot in a little red solo cup glass and toast Rachel's birthday. Cheers!!
 I have a mega sized ceramic cup but it's not the best thing for tequila shots. LOL Way too big! Maybe I'll put water in it. So I'm just goofing off in this pic.
 Rachel wasn't very hungry but we wanted to take her out to celebrate so she chose Sweet Tomatoes salad bar. The weather was pretty ominous on the way.
 After a brief storm we were treated to a gorgeous sunset over the city.
 We had a nice dinner and laughed and stuffed ourselves. We didn't even have cake for her birthday even though I had picked up a Dairy Queen Reese's Cup Blizzard ice cream cake. We were just too full and sleepy.

Wednesday afternoon while Charlie was at his piano lesson, Chuck and I decided to go sit at the pub and have a beer while waiting. It's in the same parking lot as the piano lessons so why not? Check out their soup of the day. Ha!

 In completely random news, I like to polish my sink from time to time. I usually use a paste to clean and wax it but I tried this powder to see if it would work ok.
 Scrub scrub scrub.......
 Rinse and dry. Looks decent. I still think I like the paste wax better. It makes the water really bead up.
 And I got some good advice from a fortune cookie. ;)
Yesterday I accidentally took two Glumetza in the morning instead of one. I'm supposed to be working up to the two pills in the morning and two at night. Oh well. I just rushed things a little. But I did fairly well with it!

Last night I did wake up with my heart racing and I was sweating. Not sure what caused that but I couldn't seem to cool down. Maybe the thyroid is kicking in. Sure would be great to have that metabolism going right again.

Life is good right now. I have no complaints. I'm not thrilled with my weight and belly still but it's not the end of the world. The important things in life are having people who love me just as I am and having fun.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!! I have a lot going on this weekend but going to work at keeping it a low carb weekend. Maybe I should start taking pics of my eats again. That always helps with accountability.

See ya Monday!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Road Again

When the day is beautiful, like it was yesterday, I sometimes get the urge to go for a drive and go exploring and listen to music. Sometimes I might even sing along to the radio.

It's a great way to put me in a good mood or just a time to think. I've always loved driving around exploring. With gas prices these days, I haven't been doing that very often.

But yesterday I took off with no particular destination in mind. Blue skies. White fluffy clouds. And some tunes blasting on the radio.
 I  stopped to see a giant statue of Stephen F Austin. Wow, that thing is big! Can you the little bushes at his feet?
 I wonder if there is a That Way St?
There is something therapeutic about listening to upbeat music and doing a little exploring. I wasn't gone long but it was nice to get out and get a little contemplative time.

That evening I made philly cheesesteaks! Wow! These are good. I had almost half of one. I guess the meds help curb my appetite a little.

I thinly sliced sweet onion and peppers then sauteed them in olive oil and butter. Added some soy sauce, garlic pepper, and a dash of Worcestershire. Removed them then added thinly sliced flat iron steak. Sauteed that in olive oil and butter then added garlic pepper, little soy sauce and a dash of worcestershire. Chopped it up good and tossed with the onions and peppers.
 This is Chuck's portion! I toasted some sub rolls, topped with steak mix and provolone cheese then put in oven until cheese got melty.
These could be low carb wrapped in low carb tortillas or stuffed in a low carb pita. If trying to avoid grains you could wrap in large lettuce leaves. The meat mixture would be great in an omelet! Or even as a salad topping. So many possibilities.

Meds udate:
I am up to 3 Glumetza per day. I have been having a bit of trouble with dizziness but overall I'd say it's going ok. I'm still losing hair from the thyroid meds but it said that was a side effect at first.

My appetite has really been curbed. I don't feel nauseous as often as before but even when I feel like I'm starving I only eat a little bit before I'm full. Still, I haven't noticed a change in how my clothes fit. I'm trying to be patient but it's hard.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

If You're Happy and You Know It Shake Your Meds!

Hello, stranger! It's been a while. Let's just say life has been approaching the speed of light over the past week.

Before I get in to all of the goings on, I'll update you on the meds and how that's going. I'm up to 3 of the 4 Glumetza I'm supposed to take per day. This is the best I've ever done with metformin so I have high hopes.

Rachel had had some ups and downs with her meds. But she's trying. He said it would take about 3 months for everything to kick in and she would feel better.
I was not eating right over the past week. Sometimes the medicine made me not even want to eat. So I would skip lunch. But even when I'm "starving" I can only eat small portions. By the end of last week my appetite had returned though.

Let's see, Friday, May 24 was busy running the roads. Chuck and I stopped at a little tavern called Gordon Street Tavern and got a couple of beers
 And I ordered pulled pork nachos thinking it would be a small portion. It's hard to tell in the photo but it was a mountain. I barely touched it but it was good.
 Saturday the 25th, Chuck had a state championship shooting match. His head wasn't in the game so he didn't do as well as he would have liked. We were on the road at 5:30am and didn't leave there until 5:30pm. Long day.

They did have some cool stages set up like this one where he had to shoot out of a dumpster.
 They provided water and even the water bottles had guns on them.
Sunday we got to go to a friend's house. They had just moved in and it's a great place! Backs up to the water and I love it! Ducks would come into the yard. I tried to catch them but they can fly!
Was a great time and we all enjoyed a beautiful sunset. I'd put my fingers in the water and fish would come up and nibble on them.
Kyle's son caught his first fish that evening! A little catfish. He was pretty excited.
Sunday night I forgot to take my Glumetza so I resumed taking it Monday morning. Memorial Day. Ugh, it did not go well for me. I felt sick most the day and even took a two hour nap. Was pretty much a wasted day.

Tuesday was my birthday! Happy birthday to me! Rachel made me a half mother's day cake and half birthday cake. So cute. And she created nutella icing for the filling. Yum!
I got cards from the family that were all great. Chuck worked that morning but came home with flowers and took the rest of the week off. I got my hair trimmed and went to the shooting range wearing a tiara. It's my birthday! A tiara is perfectly acceptable.
That night we went out to Carabba's to celebrate and had a very nice time. Not a low carb day. Not a low carb week!!

Wednesday was more running of the roads. I had so many errands and then had a rehearsal for Rachel's graduation. Afterwards, Rachel went out with her boyfriend and Chuck and I went to Cafe Adobe for dinner and drinks by the water. I got to feed a grackle from my hand. :)

Thursday was the BIG day. I can't believe she's graduating! My baby girl can't be this grown up. I was a nervous wreck. She was a nervous wreck! Here is a group picture of Rachel and her friends before the big moment.
Each graduate had a slide show of some pictures of them growing up. Chuck and I met Rachel on stage where I gave her the diploma and she gave me a rose. Chuck gave a short speech and then Rachel thanked us in a little speech. Then it was time for the reception and a few pics. This is a pic of us with my parents. Chuck looks happy. I wanted a Xanax or something! I was able to keep it together and not cry but there were a couple of close calls.
Friday night we went out to Buca di Beppo with Rachel's boyfriend's family. It is an Italian restaurant with a lot of character and the food is served family style. Now that's fun! There was so much food!
They got her boyfriend a cake. Very cute.
And then this monster of a dessert came out!
We went home quite stuffed and passed out.

Saturday Charlie had a piano recital. He played In the Morning Light by Yanni and did a fantastic job. Proud of that kid.
Here's the video of him playing.
As soon as that was over we went straight to a graduation party. Lots of fun sitting under the trees and talking. Loved the grandma there. She brought out tequila that she brought back from Mexico and handed out shots to the adults and even took a couple of shots herself. She was hilarious.

Sunday was a day to just chill around the house and catch up on some needed rest. Saturday night Chuck and I decorated the stairway to surprise Chaarlie and Rachel the next morning. It was to celebrate Rachel's graduation and Charlie's recital.

Rachel's bf came over and chilled too. He and Charlie played a game where the loser gets shocked. Try to guess who lost.
Then Monday it was back to the normal routine. Grocery shopping and stuff like that. I had a deadline for a cookbook entry that day so I was busy with a couple of recipes that I wanted to take from high carb to low carb.

I used to love getting dan dan noodles at Pei Wei but the carbs make it prohibitive to have very often so I revamped the recipe and made it very low carb! Only 4g carbs per serving. That's it! And they tasted better than Pei Wei's. Everyone agreed. Recipe will be coming out in cookbook in a few months.
 The next recipe was for a quiche that I make once a year for Chuck on Christmas morning. It's his favorite but I wanted to make it low carb. Easy peasy. Done! Sausage and cheese quiche. And it tastes great too. 2.1g carbs per serving. And it makes 12 servings!
After working up the nutritional info and all that jazz, I went to bed.

And that should catch us up to date! As you can see, it's been a busy, busy week.

As of yesterday, was back to eating right and hope to be posting some pics of the eats on my posts and share some recipes. Oh and Rachel turns 18 this week. One more big life event.

Sorry for the long post. I think I'm caught up now. :)

PS: Sorry but I have to moderate comments for a while because Tanya from some company that makes things to hold pills keep leaving spam on my blog and won't stop and it's quite irritating! So until Tanya goes away I'll have to moderate. Sorry. :-/