Wednesday, June 5, 2013

On the Road Again

When the day is beautiful, like it was yesterday, I sometimes get the urge to go for a drive and go exploring and listen to music. Sometimes I might even sing along to the radio.

It's a great way to put me in a good mood or just a time to think. I've always loved driving around exploring. With gas prices these days, I haven't been doing that very often.

But yesterday I took off with no particular destination in mind. Blue skies. White fluffy clouds. And some tunes blasting on the radio.
 I  stopped to see a giant statue of Stephen F Austin. Wow, that thing is big! Can you the little bushes at his feet?
 I wonder if there is a That Way St?
There is something therapeutic about listening to upbeat music and doing a little exploring. I wasn't gone long but it was nice to get out and get a little contemplative time.

That evening I made philly cheesesteaks! Wow! These are good. I had almost half of one. I guess the meds help curb my appetite a little.

I thinly sliced sweet onion and peppers then sauteed them in olive oil and butter. Added some soy sauce, garlic pepper, and a dash of Worcestershire. Removed them then added thinly sliced flat iron steak. Sauteed that in olive oil and butter then added garlic pepper, little soy sauce and a dash of worcestershire. Chopped it up good and tossed with the onions and peppers.
 This is Chuck's portion! I toasted some sub rolls, topped with steak mix and provolone cheese then put in oven until cheese got melty.
These could be low carb wrapped in low carb tortillas or stuffed in a low carb pita. If trying to avoid grains you could wrap in large lettuce leaves. The meat mixture would be great in an omelet! Or even as a salad topping. So many possibilities.

Meds udate:
I am up to 3 Glumetza per day. I have been having a bit of trouble with dizziness but overall I'd say it's going ok. I'm still losing hair from the thyroid meds but it said that was a side effect at first.

My appetite has really been curbed. I don't feel nauseous as often as before but even when I feel like I'm starving I only eat a little bit before I'm full. Still, I haven't noticed a change in how my clothes fit. I'm trying to be patient but it's hard.


  1. you could also put that filling into a pepper for a philly cheese stuffed pepper - yum! Except I am giving the onions the stink eye!

  2. This looks like you had a great time :) I love going for a drive when it's a beautiful day too. It's so relaxing and really helps me think more clearly. I love going for walks too.


  3. Looks like you had a great day out exploring. I love to go for a drive on a beautiful day, it really helps me think more clearly.


  4. "This Way St." made me smile!!! Have a great day Kelly. Take care.

  5. I saw the same recipe mybizzykitchen did... steak and onions in a bell pepper, topped with provolone. In fact, that's on my to-make list next week. I'm sure my husband will like it, but the kids will complain. Too bad!


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