Wednesday, July 3, 2013

High as a Kite

Hey, remember how I said I was going to talk low carb today? Well, I lied. That's not happening since the past couple of days has been me just eating what I want. Monday I had a wisdom tooth taken out and it took some effort to remove!

My wisdom tooth had broken in half and become infected and the pain was pretty bad. It would wake me up every single night and I got headaches from the pain. God forbid a piece of ice touch it! I had to wait a week to see the dentist so he prescribed some pain meds and antibiotics but there's only so much pain that they relieved.

Chuck drives me to the dentist and I take two halcion pills to help me relax. While I'm waiting for the pills to work I solve some 3D sudoku problems.

Dentist: How are you? Feeling it yet?
Me: I'm doing fine but I don't feel any different at all.
Dentist: What are you doing?
Me: Sudoku 3D. I wanted to see if I could still do it after taking the pills.
Dentist: Let's have you take a third pill.


Dentist: Nothing?! Let's put some nitrous on you.

While on the gas and 3 halcion I still solve my puzzles. By this time the dentist is starting to get concerned that the sedatives aren't working. Then suddenly......
Duuuuude. I am so stoned.
 I fell asleep with my huge proboscis filled with fun gas. I did wake up here and there and again when I heard the tooth crack while the dentist was trying to get it out. It took that man over an hour to get it out!

Meanwhile, I feel nothing.
 When I woke up, however, my jaw was hurting pretty bad. Funny thing about halcion is that you don't remember much the next day. I think I was a bit of a handful for Chuck but he's patient with me, thankfully.

I was settled in bed and given pain meds and was in and out of sleep. Sometimes I had no clue what was going on.
 Tuesday it hurt pretty bad. I couldn't smile and was sleepy most the day. But today I'm able to smile again and even eat a little better. Yay!

I guess all talk low carb fun after the holidays. I'm sure you guys are busy and I have a fun filled weekend planned.

Happy Independence Day! See ya Monday. :)


  1. So glad the procedure is done and behind you! Continued good healing Kelly!

  2. ouch! Glad that you should be feeling better now though


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