Monday, July 15, 2013

The Daily Struggles and an Impromptu Adventure

Roller coasters can make you scream obscenities in terror be a lot of fun but a roller coaster on the scale is not so fun. Summer is my weak time. I get in this Margaritaville mentality and just want to be lazy and do whatever I want with a side of fries. Fortunately, I've been staying at a pretty constant weight of fat and haven't gotten much fatter than I did over winter but I haven't made much improvements either.

But with the DietBet thing going on, there's money as an incentive. Plus I don't like to fail challenges. It's actually perfect and I am SO thankful to Helen for inviting me.

My struggles show up mostly in the evening. I do perfect at breakfast. Lunch is usually ok. By dinner time I want to have something totally unhealthy. I'm trying to learn how to cope with that. Maybe it takes time? Maybe I need to eat a larger lunch so I don't even care about food when dinner comes around? Or maybe I just need to have a menu planned so everything is planned in advance and I won't stray.

So this week will be by the menu only. We'll see if that helps with the evening struggles.

I'm also doing my best not to weigh every day. Instead I'd like to weigh only once a week so I don't go crazy (crazier). I tell you, it's hard to walk past that scale without hopping on for a peek. But I'm refraining.


I've come to realize I am a bit more flabby than I used to be. I had some pretty nice looking legs when I was running but now they're very....opposite. I'm happy to have legs that work but I miss being able to see a little muscle. Same thing with the arms.

While I know I need to exercise, I want it to be fun. Kind of like have my cake and eat it too. What? It's not wrong to want it all!

Some of my favorite "play exercises" include hiking, walking, biking and paddling. I'm hoping running will be in the list one day but for now it's not.

After spending all day indoors Saturday (thanks for the tantrum, uterus!) I decided I had to get out Sunday and do something. So we loaded up the canoe and headed out even though we were supposed to be getting a pretty bad rain storm (we didn't get any rain).
 We arrived at Cedar Hill Park in Wallisville, TX and launched on Lake Charlotte. The giant salvinia, a type of floating fern, was floating everywhere. That stuff is really bad for the fish because it takes oxygen out of the water and it's invasive.
 We paddled past huge cypress trees with their knees sticking up from the water.
 It was overcast and the water was calm. a perfect day for paddling.
 Two fish almost jumped in the boat which was kind of funny. We finally reached the northern most corner of Mac Lake after traveling through Mac Bayou and had to push our way through a lily pad infested area.
 We got to see 3 alligators, several fish jumping, lots of birds and calm waters. It was a great paddle.
On the way back I filmed us going through a heron/egret nesting area.
We paddled 2 hours 20 minutes then the thunder and lightning started so it was time to head home.

My shoulders and arms are a little sore from the paddling. What a great way to get some exercise!!


  1. Ahhh canoeing! it always looks so nice and calm and serene. And then I see a snake and freak. And then a spider falls on me and freak again. And then there's the mosquitos. I can be such a wimp when it comes to creepy crawlies! I'm trying not to weigh everyday too but dang it IS hard not to when I just want a little more reinforcement and motivation via a declining number. -_- as far as the wanting to veer off plan around dinner time and after..I hear ya! I think it is just like a muscle. the more you eat on plan and make it really yummy and satisfying around dinnertime and habituate yourself to it that "muscle" gets stronger and stronger. Still - it IS HARD to not want a little something sweet after dinner for me every. single. night. ugh!

  2. I love paddling! Unfortunately, we don't live very close to any water, so I don't get to do it much. It's one of my favorite things to do on vacation, though.

  3. Sounds like you were in your element! :)

  4. I live on a river and need to find a canoe/kayak group - it would be so much fun!!

    Now that I exercise at night, I have no problem staying on track - I was the same way. I eat less at dinner knowing I have Insanity, and after that I am so happy with the workout I don't have wine/cheese/crackers, etc. anymore. :D

  5. What a happy post. Love your pictures Kelly. And love your new layout! Have a great Tuesday.


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