Saturday, January 18, 2014

Waking from Hibernation

It's still winter and I know a lot of my northern friends are still dealing with cold and snow, but this Texan is waking from a very long hibernation.

Let's face it: I did not participate in one single race last year. I didn't do as much as usual either. It was more of a sabbatical year for me, I guess. But I'm waking up from hibernation and ready to hit it hard again. I have so many great plans this year!

First, back to low carb. When I started taking metformin I lost all interest in most low carb foods. They seemed repulsive to me. Eggs and bacon? Gag! That's not good for a girl trying to watch her weight and health. Plus I was tired much of the time. When I wasn't tired, I was nauseated. Fun times, people.

Second, starting this Sunday I start training for my first (only?) half marathon of 2014. Rachel is on board and Charlie is considering. No word from Chuck yet. He prefers 5k and would be happy to never see another half marathon in his life. My goal race is April 4th for Angie's Half Crazy Half Marathon. I completed it in 2012 and I like the course plus the medal and post race party. The first 5k of the year will be the Rhythm and Blues in Houston on February 10th. Another pretty medal, bands and great party.

Third, I want to play guitar.

Fourth, update my math and French skills.

Fifth, more adventures! I phoned it in last year. Seriously. That just won't do. Life is way too short and there are so many things I want to see and do. If only my checkbook could keep up with those plans.

So let's do this!! Time to kick off the adventures of 2014!

PS: you may notice I didn't mention weight goals and such. That's because I'm not stressed at all about it. I want to feel good, look good, and have fun. I'm assuming my weight will reflect my lifestyle.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Howdy, stranger

It's been a while! How are you doing?

So much has happened since my last post. My youngest is now 13. Rachel has a job. It's crazy with all the changes going on. I guess I just needed some time to step back and look at everything going on around me. I knew time flew fast but I had no idea how fast. They say you only live once but I think I have to disagree with that. You live every day; you only die once.

I did not run one single race in 2013 and I think I'm ready to start training again. I may have gotten a little burned out in 2012 with all the races I did. Lesson learned.

I'm easing back in to blogging and organizing my thoughts. I'll be posting at least once a week. Yay! Then probably twice a week. Any more than that and you'll get sick of me really fast! ;)

Other not - so - fun things: I slipped and fell in a parking lot and really tore my knee up. I have a lovely scar now. Fortunately, there were people to witness my misadventure. Two weeks later Charlie challenged me to a race and I tripped over a root in the trail and landed face first. Face plant on the ground! Once again, my knees were torn up further but I continued the hike while blood ran down my legs. That's how bad ass I am. Call me Grace.

A new low carb cookbook is coming out with a couple of recipes I submitted. I'll tell you more about that later.

I sincerely hope you had a great Christmas and New Year. Hoping 2014 is even better than 2013.

I'll be back soon with another post. And thank you for all the messages and emails checking to make sure I hadn't fallen of the face of the earth. I was just suffering from blogger's block.

See you next week!