How I'm Losing Weight

I've tried a lot of different things with varying success.  When I was diagnosed with insulin resistance my doctor told me to cut back on the carbs. 

Right now I'm eating between 30-40g of carbs per day.  Sometimes less.  It works out to something like this:
3 meals per day at 10g carbs each max
2 snacks at 5g carbs max each

And if I want I can have a small glass of non-sweet wine like a good cabernet.

Exercise:  right now I'm not sticking to anything like I should.  Gotta get busy!  but I enjoy hikes, walking, running a little, biking, and canoeing. 

Counting calories worked for a little while but then I was having trouble.  I would actually gain weight even though I had a calorie deficit.  It was discouraging. 

Lowering the carbs has helped with the insulin issues and my weight is finally dropping again.  As I get closer to goal I'll add in more carbs to see what my body can handle.  Every body is different so while I may max out at 50g carbs someone else may be able to have 100g carbs.   I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.  Right now I'm still just trying to lose weight.  And so far it's working great!