Progress Pics

In the beginning, there was fat.  And the Happy Texan was not pleased and said, this shall not do.

250 pounds

Walking, some running, hiking, counting calories.  This brought me to the point where I could walk/run (mostly walk) my first 5K at 230 pounds. A policeman actually offered me a ride back to the finish line.  Still finished under an hour which was a big accomplishment at the time.

August, 2008 Approx 230 pounds
 Started Weight Watchers and lost some more weight.

3/15/09 220 pounds
May 2009 205 pounds

June 2009  198 pounds  Onederland!!
    Left Weight Watchers because I wanted to save money. Started counting calories religiously and wearing my bodybugg. 

 Exercised like crazy.  Started running and it helped firm up my mid section. Still wearing the bodybugg to watch calorie burn.

March 2010  190 pounds

 In fall 2010 I was diagnosed with a wicked case of insulin resistance.  Also had low thyroid and PCOS and a few other problems.  Might have been a little depressed as well.

January 2011  192 pounds

January 2011  188 pounds
In February 2011 I started eating lower carb to deal with the insulin and the weight started dropping.

March 2011  178 pounds
175 pounds April 2011

Through it all, there has been a few ups and downs on the scale.  I've gained, I've lost, and gained again.  But I'll never give up.

Definitely a difference!

Onward and downward!